A new client asked this question the other day and I broke out laughing!

No, there aren’t any laws that force reporters to do anything. In fact, the First Amendment specifically prohibits Congress from making any laws that have anything to do with free speech!

Also, most publications don’t employ fact checkers, so don’t expect a call on this topic. A few magazines will call to check facts, but they are the exception, not the rule.

Hardly any reporters will send you copies of articles. They just don’t have the time.

If you want to get copies of your articles, you should ask the reporter when will the article appear? Then mark that date on your calendar. When the day comes, go to their website and you’ll see the article.

You can also use a free clipping service that Google offers:


Many of my PR LEADERS have found articles this way.

Of course, you can go to Google and type your name for articles in the past, but Google Alerts will do this for you automatically for the future.

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