Tim Ferriss of “4-Hour” brand fame was called “the wildly popular self-help guru for young men” by the New York Times today (August 17, 2011) in an article which reported that Amazon will publish his next book, “The 4-Hour Chef.”

The New York Times does not bestow honors like this lightly.

Tim Ferriss

Congratulations to Tim!

We’re glad to have helped him get his start when he used PR LEADS to promote his first book, “Four-Hour Work Week.” He even encourages readers of that book to use PR LEADS to get publicity.

He is one of the true breakout stars in the publishing field with an honest-to-goodness bestseller that has been on the NY Times Advice Bestseller list for 84 weeks, according to the report. I’ve been following Tim since he beginning and I’m sure he’s been on one version of the bestseller list or another for close to 5 years. As readers of this blog know, that level of success does not happen easily.

Tim is clearly a person to be modeled.