A well-known speaker shared his story recently and I think it bears repeating.

He created a topic that hadn’t existed before.

He was on fire with new business.

Other speakers saw what he was doing and offered the same topic – at a lower price.

Meeting planners hired him and them.

After several years, the topic matured and became passé. No one wanted to hear that topic any longer, from anyone.

No one was getting hired.

He had to reinvent himself and create a new topic. I think his new topic is killer and he will do well again.

Some of these same events have happened to me in my speaking career. I’ve had to redefine myself and find new topics and new services. I offered coaching as well as press release writing and distribution. As a result, I’ve helped a lot of people get great publicity and coverage in the media and on search engines. Info at http://www.PressReleaseSender.com

Have you had to reinvent yourself? How have you reinvented yourself? After seeing this short story, do you think it is time to reinvent yourself?

If you’d like me to help coach you through the process, please send an email to me at dan@prleads.com