Attention all coaches and business consultants. Hold off on buying Apple’s  new iPad.

From everything I’ve read today in the Wall Street Journals, NY Times and USA TODAY, the iPad is a wonderful tool for CONSUMING content, but it is not a great tool for CREATING content.

As consultants, we are content kings and we build our reputations by posting interesting thoughts. The iPad offers no advantages to your laptop.What good is a tool if we can’t easily create video files?

It also seems limited in terms of extra features that we come to expect, like a camera, a phone and the ability to view Flash files.There aren’t any USB ports so you can’t easily import or export materials. Bummer.

Several articles hinted that some of those features will be added in future models. But that’s just a rumor at this point.

If you are looking for a way to kill time on an airplane, then the iPad looks like it will be hands-down winner over the Kindle, though. The screen looks great so if you want to zone out and watch movies on your long flight, you’ll enjoy it on your new toy.