Lynn Robinson

Lynn Robinson, Intuition Author

Intuition author Lynn Robinson credited the PR LEADS publicity service with helping her get a book contract.

“I just signed a contract with Jossey Bass (a division of Wiley & Sons) to revise and update my first book, ‘Divine Intuition: Your Guide to Creating a Life You Love.’  The fact that I’d received so much media attention was one of the factors that sealed the deal!” she said. The book will be in bookstores in late 2012. Her current books, including “Listen” and “Trust Your Gut” are available on her website and at

“Intuition is a gift from the Universe — from God, if you will — that will guide us unerringly to the realization of our hopes and dreams,” says Robinson, author of this uncommonly readable book. Using personal experience, beautiful illustrations, inspiring quotes, simple exercises, and stories from thousands of clients, Robinson demonstrates that intuition is a gift from the Universe that anyone can cultivate as an unwavering and reliable source of wisdom and guidance.

Trust Your Gut

"Trust Your Gut," by Lynn Robinson

Thanks, Lynn!

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