Companies that need international publicity can now find reporters at thousands of media outlets in hundreds of cities thanks to a new media database service offered by Bulls Eye Publicity, a service of PR LEADS PLUS, a leading supplier of publicity services.

“Having access to a database of reporters from every country will help American companies that want to expand their markets overseas. The media database will also help companies in many countries find reporters in their own countries as well as reporters who work in countries that they want to sell into,” said Dan Janal, president of PR LEADS PLUS and a noted publicity consultant.

Companies can find journalists who cover topics in their industry from a global database of over 533,000 reporters for newspapers, magazines, TV, online and radio. Our database helps you easily identify the most important journalists for your story and lets you communicate with them in the exact way they prefer.

The media lists are attractively priced at only $197 per continent for one topic area  and $50 for each additional topic area.  Data is available for the continents:

  • North America: includes all 50 U.S. states, Canada and US Hispanic media outlets
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Asia: China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong
  • Latin America: Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean Islands
  • Australia and New Zealand.

The database is updated daily and researched by trained representatives in local countries.

The data is available as a spreadsheet, which is easy to use time after time. The data is in electronic format so it will integrate easily with other programs, like email and word processing.

The data contains the reporter’s name, email address, fax number, street address, website, title, spoken language and subject areas so marketers and public relations people can find the right reporters who cover their topics.  PR people can target the right journalists based on exacting criteria.