1.    It doesn’t matter how you start. It matters how you finish. The games started with a death and glitch with the torch. They ended on a high note. Life and business are long-term propositions. Brian Tracy says that everyone who is at the top of their profession was once a newcomer who knew nothing. But they read to get smarter, worked with coaches to get better and, eventually, they triumphed.
2.    Don’t get discouraged by initial setbacks. Canada wanted to be the all-time winner of medals. In the first few days, they looked in danger of falling way short. At the end, they had more gold medals than anyone else. Have you invested a lot of time and energy but see disappointing results? Don’t give up. Success is just around the corner.  Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t be dejected by momentary setbacks.

3.    Sacrifice. Every Olympian seems to have endured a lack of time, lack of resources or lack of money. In other words, they are doing exactly the same things that you have done to build your business. To me, you are my Gold-medal hero.

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