I love spamarrest. I couldn’t live without it.
At the very best, I see only emails enter my email account that have been approved by me. Then I go to their website and quickly scan the mail it blocked — 99 percent is junk. The one percent that should have gone through usually is from new clients who haven’t clicked on the approval option.
I check the folder in the morning and then 2-3 times a day. It really works.


Here’s another tip: I have a lot of domains (publicity for doctors, trainers, consultants, etc.) that I just post a page for, but don’t have active emails addresses. The spammers found that sites and send me junk, so we disabled the email option on those sites. That cut down spam a lot. So if you have old sites, pointer sites, or sites that you really don’t need mail from, you might want to do this.
I’d heartily recommend spam arrest (and I get an affiliate commission if you click on this link)