Howard Stern. Love him or hate him, he undoubtedly lives up to his claim of being “The King of All Media.”

He is taking on CBS now. Who cares what the legal details are? I don’t care.

The point is that when he found out that he was being sued, he started attacking CBS. He took the lead. He set the agenda. He put CBS on the defensive.

No one is better at playing David vs. Goliath than Howard Stern.

He took on the FCC.

Now he’s taking on CBS.

And he always come out on top.

What can you learn from Howard Stern?

Experts like to stand on a high hill. Maybe it is better to play the underdog and fight against windmills.

What can this mean for people who are trying to change the world?

Look at Ralph Nader. That is, look at the Ralph Nader of the 1960’s when he took on the entire automobile industry when he crusaded for safety in vehicles. He played the David vs. the car maker’s Goliath.

He won.

If you want to battle titans (as I know some of you are trying to do) look to these two unlikely heroes for inspiration.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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