RainTodayThanks to the Internet and social media, it’s never been easier to build relationships with reporters and get quoted in their publications. Journalists from all types of publications, including The New York Times and Harvard Business Review, are always looking for sources for their articles. And if you can capture their attention, they will turn to you.

“There are reporters in every field that want to get sources for their stories,” says Dan Janal, author of Reporters Are Looking for You! Get the Publicity You Need to Build Your Business. “And they don’t care if you’re a big name or not. They just care if you have good information. So, it’s great if you’ve written a book, it’s great if you’re a CEO, but what they’re really looking for is someone with a unique idea or good tips.”

Reporters Are Looking for You by Dan JanalIf you can get quoted in a publication, you can use that publicity to grow your business, he says.

“I can tell you hundreds and hundreds of stories about my clients being quoted in everyplace from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and business-to-business magazines, and it’s led to increased traffic to their sites, as well as increased credibility because then they can say they were quoted in The New York Times,” Janal says. “And that just elevates your whole brand. So, when you get publicity, you can tell the world that you were quoted here.”

Listen as Janal discusses how to get on a journalist’s radar, as well as how to:

  • Develop relationships with journalists
  • Respond to journalists’ queries so that they want to quote you in articles
  • Connect with journalists via Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Use publicity to get new clients


Listen to My Rain Today Interview on How to Get Quoted in The New York Times
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