Every article in the world has already been written – not! Ever had trouble thinking up an idea for an article? Hasn’t everyone?

My coaching clients are always pulling their hair out asking me to brainstorm ideas with them.

Truth is, I was pulling my hair out as well when it came time for me to write articles. Did the world really need another article about how to write a press release or talk to a reporter? Those ideas have been done to death.

I was wracking my brains trying to think of a new idea, a cutting edge theme, a story that hadn’t been told that would inspire others. I wanted to write articles that would position me as the thought leader in publicity and internet marketing so I could get hired to give more speeches. You don’t get to be a thought leader by covering the same ground as everyone else.

And I’d give up in frustration because the ideas weren’t coming. Then the truth dawned on me.

While a topic might have been done before, it wasn’t done from my perspective. And that means the article needs to be written. Let me explain.

My perspective on a topic is different than yours. Not better, but different. My ideas have been shaped by my background, my experiences, books I’ve read, clients I’ve coached, companies I’ve worked for, people I’ve met and so on. So have yours. If we were both assigned to write an article on the same topic, you and I would write completely different articles because of our different backgrounds.

Best yet, there is no competition here. I wouldn’t say my article is better than yours, or that yours is better than mine. They are different. And the reader benefits in that difference.

For example, I might write an article on a marketing topic and i would base it on my experience working with small businesses. You might write about that same topic, but with your Fortune 1000 background, you’d have a completely different perspective. Both articles would be great and they’d be great for each audience. The audience would decide which article to read, which website to peruse and which consultant to hire. That would be perfect, because the reader would choose the person who was the best fit. No consultant I know wants to work in a relationship that would be a bad fit.

Search article directories for ideas for articles and write those articles from your own perspective, filled with your own case studies, your own stories, your own solutions and your own jokes. Make the articles uniquely you.

If you do, you’ll build a library of worthwhile reading and you just might find that perfect client who wants to work with someone exactly like you.

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