When I signed for Facebook, I left out certain pieces of personal info, like marital status, religion and politics. After all, who really cares? If this is for a business purpose, then those questions are more likely to raise concerns than cement bonds.

But after using FB for a while, it seems like the more fully developed a profile you have, the better you are rated. So I updated my marital status to married.

Low and behold, my friends started congratulating me on my new nuptuals! One good friend even asked if my wife knew about this. Cute.

So let it be known, that if you update a field, your whole network will know about it, and could think the info if new. No big deal, but it did cause a few laughs and a few raised eyebrows.

So, let it be known that I am not newly married, but have been happily married for many years. If you are really interested, then we are registered at Macy’s.

Only kidding.