The end of summer means trips to the Minnesota State Fair, the beach and saying good bye to summer.

But it also serves as a reminder that the Christmas holiday season is right around the corner — at least in the eyes of magazine editors. For it is now that they are beginning to prepare their stories for November and December.

What should you do to get quoted in newspapers and magazines for the holiday articles?

First, of course is to find the angle that will interest your editors.

If you have a product to sell, make sure you have artwork available in digital form so you can send it to editors at a moment’s notice. Better yet, put the files on your website so they can grab them. Use every file size and format possible.

If you are a content speaker, think of how you can help people during the holidays. The list is endless:

1. Stress is a big thing, of course.
2. Family relationships
3. Dating
4. Gift giving
5. Blended religious families
6. Office etiquette and parties
7. Depression

I interviewed Bill Stoller, who is an expert on getting publicity for his clients in holiday articles. The best time to start is right now — late August and early September. For additional tips on how to get quoted, go here We’ve put together an information-packed CD with 60 minutes of tips and tactics that will help you uncover the secrets to getting quoted in the holiday articles.

Dan Janal
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