Susan Harrow has interviewed publicists who regularly get
their clients featured in 0 and people like you who have
done it themselves. Some of their results:

==> “The O feature got us into over 100 retail outlets,”
says Denise Loren of, whose company
makes DVDs for dogs, which increased her business by 75%.
With no money spent on advertising they made $100,000 in
retail/wholesale dollars last year. “The impact for the
company once we were in O was that it legitimized us. And
that’s important for a one-product company.”

==> Jeanne Fitzmaurice of a
website that allows users to create her (or a friend’s)
virtual likeness and produce it on personalized stationery
and gift items says, “Our team was fulfilling 500 to 600
orders a day during that month of May versus the usual 100
per day.” She calculated that sales went up by about 60% in
that thirty-day period. Her registered website users soared
from 70,000 to 150,000 women.

==> Genevieve Piturro who founded the pajama project, a
charity to give new pjs to poor kids went from 5 chapters to
30 and growing. She got 9000 new pjs donated and a donation
of $5000.

==> Stephen Shapiro, author of Goal-Free Living: “How to
Have the Life You Want NOW!,” says that his article helped
springboard him into Entrepreneur, Investors Business Daily,
Family Circle. His speaker bookings increased dramatically,
he got listed as one of Tom Peters’ “cool friends” and is in
process of shooting a pilot for a TV show.

==> Author of “Yes Lives in the Land of No,” BJ Gallagher
says, “I’d been trying to get the attention of this high-
powered agent forever. Just last month the top-notch agent
signed me to an exclusive contract representing my next
book. Did my O article make her more inclined to say ‘yes’
to my book proposal? Undoubtedly.

==> The volume of Dr. Volgman’s cardiology program at Rush
University Medical Association expanded substantially. “O
put the program on the map,” says publicist Chris Rush.

==> Jeanine Fitzmaurice of Design-her Gals notes: “It’s sort
of like winning the Academy Award. It’s definitely a
distinction that validates your product like no other

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