Who wouldn’t want a celebrity to endorse your book?

In fact when new clients come to me and show me their books, I look for the endorsements to see how “expert” they really are! Many of them do have endorsements by great people like Mark Victor Hansen, Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey and the presidents of major companies.

Endorsements do make a difference! After all, who has heard of you? You need the credibility of leading authorities!

One of my new PR LEADS clients runs a terrific business that can put you in touch with just about any celebrity! In fact, it is endorsed by my good friends, Dan Poynter the godfather of self publishing; Steve Harrison of Radio TV Interview Report; John Kremer the expert on book marketing, and many other leading PR people, so I know it is real!

The service is called ContactAnyCelebrity and I strongly suggest you try it out when you need to get endorsements for your books or products. In case you are running a charity auction, you can even use this service to try and get autographed items for your fund raisers. Lots more uses too. What a brilliant idea! Congratulations to Jordan McAuley for creating this wonderful service.

I interviewed Liz Kelly, author “Smart Man Hunting” on how she got celebrities like John Gray (author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) to endorse her book. The tactics she shares are the kinds of things that any of us can do! Click here to get the CD and hear how Liz got celebrity endorsements for her book.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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