Prospective clients of PR Leads often ask questions like this:

“If a newbie like me doesn’t have any press yet, or credibility built through interviews, quotes etc., what is the best way to go about getting quoted in the articles I’m replying to through ProfNet?”

My answer:

EVERYONE Has Credibility!

Not everyone has humility, so I congratulate you! <g>

You started a business.

You took a risk.

You learned things.

That’s what reporters want to know so they can help their readers.

You have credibility for that.

You probably know more than 99 percent of the people do about your products and the entire industry.

So, use that!

How To Build Credibility
As A “Newbie”

When you answer a lead, tell them that you own a business.

Say how long it’s been running if you think that will help.

(If not, then don’t.)

Believe me, they do not want to know your life story!

They want to find someone who can answer their questions.


The Easiest Way To Stand Out
Is To Simply Answer Their Questions

If it is a product roundup, then pitch your products wholeheartedly.

If they are asking a general question, like what can women do if they are unhappy with their spa technician, then give them a few ideas.

Does this help?

As a PR Leader, you can ask me anything — and send me a few of your responses to reporters for quick feedback as you master the art.

I’ll be happy to review them and offer advice.

All the best,