Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: The intended audience for the book is leaders within any size corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and colleges/universities. Because many universities and colleges focus on management from a theoretical and philosophical perspective, rather than the leadership continuum as a process, the audience will now have a framework of understanding to gain from. The book will provide answers for those with the ever looming questions: Are you the leader you could be, should be, or ought to be? Are you knowledgeable of the leadership tools that you must have to reach the next level of success?

Q: What is the book about?
A: Ted Gee’s powerful, new ‘how to’ book is not more of the same. It is about changing the way you think and the outcomes you can expect in your business venture or corporate role.

Hope is something that everyone wants to happen. It does not mean that it will happen or that there are plans in place to ensure the success of a desired goal. The major responsibility of a leader is to transform hope or vision to a reality. Hope Is Not a Strategy will provide leaders with clarity of what they are responsible for in any business at every level, and the tools necessary for them to be successful.

All businesses have the same formula for success and that is strong leadership and effective processes while engaging the workforce. Whether it is a fast food restaurant, a manufacturing company, a service company, hospitals , school system, entrepreneurial effort, entertainment business, or governmental agency the formula is the same. Hope Is Not a Strategy will assist by providing the tools to transform hope to a reality.

Section One, LEADERSHIP is designed to help you to understand the roles of leaders at all levels of the leadership continuum and the responsibilities inherent with each level. In addition to defining what leadership is and what leaders do, we will also explore where they may come from.

In this section we will discuss Time In Grade pitfalls of leadership and other quick fixes for organizations such as the Silver Bullet that many leaders seek when finding root causes to problems and long term solutions are not the objective. At the end of this section we will look at the interdependencies of leadership and process.

Section Two, THE ORGANIZATIONAL JOURNEY is packed with information and tools essential for you as a leader that ensures you have a clearly defined direction for your organization and most importantly a plan of execution. We will explain vision, and mission, and show you how to create a holistic strategy for any organization. You will learn how to objectively examine the Current State of Business and to set up a Business Operating System utilizing such tools as Lean and Six Sigma. The After Action Review process and communication methods are taught in this section for leaders seeking a learning organization.

There is also an APPENDIX loaded with information to assist you with your journey to success as a leader.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: I have a proven background of leadership, starting as a front line supervisor, and progressing to division president of multibillion dollar corporation, and Chief Operating Officer. I am also a process innovation expert utilizing such tools as lean and six sigma. I am currently president of Success Based Interventions a/k/a SBI, which helps organizations become the best that they can be, should be, oughta be, utilizing the principles of the book. Having a background stepped with practical experience of change, transformation and growth during these tough economic times provides credibility.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: This book provides actual prescriptions for complex business problems. It is a how to manual from someone that has practical experience instead of primarily theory and philosophy.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?

A: It is a very easy read, and the transferrable knowledge from this book can be used by people of any industry. Industries may change, products may change, services may change, but the art of leadership, and the expertise of process will fit any industry. Hope Is Not A Strategy, simple solutions for doing business in the 21st century is a solution.