Jason Derusha of WCCO the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis is my bet to replace Andy Rooney on “60 Minutes.”

If you live in Minneapolis, you know him as the “Good Question” guy. People ask questions like, “How Do Pills Know Where to Target?” and “Where Are the Most Germy Places?” and “Are Athletes Arrested More than Others?”

In other words, the questions that everyone asks and never really expects to find an answer.

Except Jason finds experts who know the answers.

It’s a good gimmick and it has a wide following.

Why do I think he’ll get the job?

Several reasons:
1. He has a quirky look and voice. He’s not Hollywood handsome in the cookie cutter style. He looks like a real person, like Andy Rooney did. But with less bushy eyebrows.
2. He has a clever angle with the Good Question. It isn’t exactly like Rooney, but it matches Rooney’s angle that life has quirks and he can riff on them. In other words, it isn’t a duplication of Andy. It’s a clever variation.
3. He interviews people. That would be another deviation from Andy Rooney.
4. He isn’t a Rooney clone of a curmudgeon. There are a million guys that can do that, starting with Jerry Seinfeld. Have you ever wondered why a paper clip has two bends? Why not 1? Why not 3. Been there. Done that.

After all, you don’t want to mimic Andy. You’d suffer by comparison. You have to be unique. Similar but different. That’s why I’m betting on Jason.

See for yourself. Here are links to clips:


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