Everyone is contemplating their New Year’s Resolutions or their business goals at this time of year. And three weeks from now, those goals will have been forgotten.
I figured out why most goal setting sessions don’t work, based on my work with my coaching clients.

Everyone knows goals must be “SMART” – that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Well, you probably know from your own experience, that sounds good but it doesn’t work.

What’s missing?

Goals must have EMOTION.

I found that my coaching clients who are emotionally connected to their goals have a much better chance of following through and reaching their goals. In fact, when I ask them what it would mean to them on an emotional level if they reached their goals, not only do they go deeper into their thinking, but we form an emotional connection that makes our coaching sessions easier, more enjoyable and, frankly, connected.

Do you have passion for your goals, or are they “just another darned thing  I have to do?”

If that’s the case, I’ll pretty much guarantee you won’t reach your goals and you’ll feel miserable all the way.

My goals for this year are to get 10 “as you need it” coaching clients who can check in with me once a month for creativity, brainstorming, feedback and accountability. And 10 “whatever it takes coaching clients” who are independent professionals or small businesses who want to do their own marketing, but need help in creating a plan, learning the skills and executing the plan.

And are passionate about their goals!

If that sounds like you, send me an email: dan@prleads.com and let’s see if there’s a good fit.

You can read about my coaching program to make sure we are a good fit to work together. Like a bad pair of shoes, there’s nothing worse than a bad fit. And there’s nothing quite like a pair of shoes that fit great and look great.

I work with independent professionals and small businesses that need to do a better job of marketing, get more publicity and let the world know they are alive — and want to do the work themselves – if only they had the right guidance. Frankly I like helping people so now you know my emotional connection.