Get More Client by Asking “Disqualifying Questions”

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Get More Client by Asking “Disqualifying Questions”

What would happen if you ran an ad on Google and everyone clicked on it?

Would you be thrilled that so many people wanted to know about your service?

Or would be shocked at the size of the bill and your inability to handle so many requests for information so quickly?

Maybe both.

That’s why you need to ask “disqualifying questions” when you do any form of marketing. If you don’t, you’ll find that you have a lot of unqualified prospects and more people than you can handle. And you won’t be able to give the proper attention you need to the prospects who are truly interested in your service and qualified to buy.

I see coaches and consultants do this all the time. They offer a free session or a free consultation to their mailing list or ezine subscribers. Then they get flooded with requests from people who really aren’t qualified prospects. These people either don’t have the money to buy the product or they are not the right “fit” for the consultant.

What can you do to avoid spending time with unqualified prospects?

1. Ask for business data such as gross income for the past year and projections for this year. If they don’t match your idea of an ideal client, move on.
2. Ask what they greatest problem is. If you can’t help, it won’t be a good fit. Refer them to someone else if you can.

3. Ask what outcome they’d like to see. If it’s a good match with your skills, move forward.

What questions do you ask?

If you follow these steps, you might find that you get more qualified prospects and that you are getting more clients!

Dan Janal is a very successful entrepreneur, professional speaker and marketing coach who helps clients build their businesses by improving their strategy for using publicity, marketing, Internet marketing, e-commerce and sales. To see how you can improve your business, go to

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