When reporters write about you, hey, that’s, you know, great news.

But don’t expect your audience – even the people who subscribe to your list and follow you on social media – to stumble upon that article on their own!

You can and must show prospects and clients the article so you can get new business.

Write these four tactics down and add them to your process that you either do yourself, or give to your assistant, every time your name gets mentioned in the media:

  1. Send copies to your current clients to let them know they are working with a superstar.
  2. Send copies to prospects to get them to move off the fence.
  3. Send copies to former clients so they know you are still in business and ready for their next project.
  4. Post a copy to your website so prospects can get a positive impression of you from a respected source and trusted brand.

When you do this, you build your brand by leveraging the media’s brand.

Make it part of your routine.

Make it automatic.

Help your prospects and customers see you as the market and niche superstar you truly are.

It all starts when you connect with reporters who need to speak with you.