Here’s a tip I just love. I call it “Analogy your way to a new business.”

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but I think you’ll Iike it anyway.

Everyone loves eBay.

Everyone knows what eBay does: sells stuff via auction via the Internet.

Everything from baseball cards, to Boxsters.

You’re probably wondering, “There’s no way I can compete with eBay.”

And you’d be right.

Amazon tried.

Yahoo tried.

Other companies you’ve never heard of have tried (and probably died.)

Now, I get an email today from a company called LabX.

What do they do?

“LabX is an online auction and classified ad marketplace for scientific and hi-tech equipment. Think eBay for scientists and engineers (business to business),” according to General Manager Ken Piech.

In other words, LabX took a very successful business model. But instead of battling head to head in the wonderful world of Madonna memorabilia, they found a niche and found success.

This is a great formula for success that you can use to your benefit. Let me know when you do!

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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