Mitch Davis at ExpertClick tells me he’s planning to offer video press releases and several other major new enhanements for authors and experts to get publicity.

If you call him, mention my name for a discount. Rates go up on October 1, 2006.
Here’s the press release.

Five new ExpertClick features for Yearbook of Experts
2007 participants will be available this fall.

Click here for the video news release:

1) Video — You’ll be able to send video news releases!
2) Google Adsense — you can make the money.
3) More key phrases.
4) Printed Daybook calendar.
5) ExpertMinute — a new regular e-newsletter.

Call Randy, Robert or Mitch at (202) 333-5000.

The new base rate, effective October 1, will be $995.

Here are the details of our five new ExpertClick features.

1) Video can now be quickly included. We’ll send simple instructions on how to include HTML code to play video, and a simple way to encode it. Also, when you make the video you can choose to have the video available free. Plus you can create “pay-per-play” video and make money with it.

2) Make money sending news releases. You can “Opt-Up” to include your Google Adsense code so that you get paid for all the hits on the ads on your news releases and profile, or “Opt-Out” and have advertising-free pages. We’ll provide support and show you how to make money on your Web page.

3) More indexing: All 2007 members can now include indexing by 39 key phrases for better search engine results. When you choose more multi-word key phrases you can connect with more experts and ensure you are there when your phase is searched on. This is designed to give each member up to four times as much “cross-pollination.” After all, journalists like several sources on each story. When we can create more “expert roundups,” then all members benefit. See a sample when you search Google for the key phrases: “Toy Industry Expert,” “Social Networking Expert,” or “Valentines Day Experts.”

4) Get more people to your 2007 events: Be part of our new printed 18-month planning calendar to ensure that you make your connections with the future. Perhaps, you hold events or you attend them. We ask you to enter all future events you know of — from now though March 2008 — so that we can update and create a special printed newsroom calendar to send to journalists. Enter your event at If we choose to include your event in the special printed 18-month calendar, we’ll send you a free copy. Call Robert Devaney, our Daybook Editor, at 1-800-DAYBOOK, if you have any questions.

5) We are starting a regular e-mail feed — called Expert Minute — to give you summaries of:
a) New journalists — links to public profiles
b) New events of note, from
c) New events seeking speakers from
d) New experts and links to expert audio and video
e) Top headlines from News Release Wire
f) Links to other opportunities from our members

Expert Minute will keep you in touch with what’s going on and offer training videos to bring our Member Handbook to life.

So, why not call today? (202) 333-5000 or 1-800-YEARBOOK. Mention Dan Janal at PR LEADS for a discount.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
PR LEADS Expert Resource Network