Enlightened Wealth: A Manual For Beginning Your Personal MoneyMinding Journey, By Tracy Piercy, CFP

//Enlightened Wealth: A Manual For Beginning Your Personal MoneyMinding Journey, By Tracy Piercy, CFP

Enlightened Wealth: A Manual For Beginning Your Personal MoneyMinding Journey, By Tracy Piercy, CFP

Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: The Lifestyle Financed: You are enjoying a lifestyle that is financed through debt, and you aren’t sure how you will ever live without credit.

The Career Trapped: You have a job and income, but would do something else if you thought you could afford to.

The Starting Out: You are just starting on your financial journey and want to get off on the right track

The Worried Wealthy: You are managing your assets, but don’t enjoy your wealth because you worry about losing your money.

Enlightened Wealth has been especially popular with women age 40 – 65, who have some money and want a better understanding about how money interacts with their life goals. They are looking for lifetime financial security.

Q: What is this book about?
A: If it’s personal financial independence you’re looking for, Enlightened Wealth is where you start and where you return to throughout the wealth creation and management process. Change is uncomfortable – even if it’s for the better. In Enlightened Wealth, you will have a place to get clear on what’s really important to you and where you really want to go. The “Daily Review” section of the book is designed to help you see what’s happening to inspire you throughout the day, supporting your vision or things that could be improved. Its a tool to help you become accountable to your goals and to develop greater clarity about your true priorities.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?

A: I’m a Certified Financial Planner(R) professional with expertise in insurance, banking and investments. My career has spanned over 16 years in the financial industry. While working as a successful broker for one of Canada’s largest investment firms, I realized that the charts, graphs and rates of return weren’t helping my clients win in all areas of their financial lives. So I developed some day-to-day financial tools and processes to help explain financial success planning and coaching concepts to people who don’t want to become “money experts.”

My perspective also comes from both personal financial success as well as financial loss and the frustrations of starting over. A government tax audit forced my family into bankruptcy – it was applying the principles of MoneyMinding that brought us back from the brink. I’m proof that succeeding financially is not about sacrifice; it is about individual strategies based on universal facts about finance, success, and you!

Q: How is this book different from other books on the same topic?
A: This is a book about personal finances, but it also incorporates the success teachings that conventional financial planners miss. Instead of saying “save money and cut back”, Enlightened Wealth encourages you to Believe, Begin and Become – by determining your life goals and your “ideal budget”, then working out how to provide the ongoing income to meet those goals. Where other financial planners say “contract”, Enlightened Wealth encourages you to expand your possibilities, your imagination, and your chances for success – and gives you practical tools to do it.

Q: Is there anything else to know about this book?
A: Enlightened Wealth is currently available in two formats – a concise 80-page manual to use with your own journal, and a year-long journal where you can write your daily thoughts and progress.

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