Dramatically improve your speaking with Patricia Fripp

Even though I’ve been speaking professional for more than 15 years on four continents and earn fees starting at $5,000 per speech, my speaking style took a dramatic leap this past weekend when I attended Patricia Fripp’s Speaking School.

Every time I opened my mouth in her class, Ms. Fripp took my good ideas and made them great; took my pearls of wisdom and turned them into gems.

Even before the class officially started, I learned a valuable tactic during an informal Q&A session with Ms. Fripp and a dentist who now sells dental equipment.

“The more dramatic you make the problem that you solve, the bigger a hero you will be,” she said.

This is important advice for anyone who is offering a product or service to the marketplace (see, I can’t even say the word “sell.”)

Forget the talk about features and benefits. Instead, dramatize the problem with flesh and blood characters who have a problem that the audience can identify with. Then show how your service or product solves the problem. It’s Hollywood. It’s effective. It’s Fripp.

The next idea she gave me another Hollywood idea that was worth the price of the program.

Add a back story to your characters so they have more depth. That way, audience will identify more closely with the story and with you.

In other words, tell people about the people in your stories. Don’t just say your product is great. Don’t just tell them how Betty Jones benefited from your product. Tell the back story of Betty Jones and what problems she had and what she tried to do to overcome them. Show how her other choices didn’t work out. Then show how your solution saved the day.

She put me to the test. She arranged for me to speak that night at the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

I used her dramatic techniques and her back story techniques. I actually heard people ooh and ahh, and then gasp while I told the stories.

Here are some of the feedback i received:

– Practical tips, clearly explained. Excellent examples to clarify his points.
– A lively, practical, highly interactive presentation, rich with resources.
– Excellent program and I walked away with value. I give it an A-1 rating.
– I hope we will have the opportunity to have you back sometime soon.

Here’s the kicker: I am a content speaker, not a motivational speaker. I train people and give them tools and tips and strategies. That stuff was rarely seen as dramatic.

With Fripp’s advice, my speaking style moved to the next level.

I highly recommend Ms. Fripp’s Speaking School. For information, go to www.fripp.com

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER