Yesterday, I showed how the Internet has helped people get their messages out without the help of the media.

That raises an interesting question: Do we need the media? What role do they serve?

The media still has incredible value.

While the right thinks the media is controlled by liberals, and liberals berate the media for catering to the right, there is still value in what they do.

1. The good media tries to present both sides of the story so you get a fair picture.

2. The good media search for truth and don’t accept people’s statements without checking the truth behind the statement.

3. For publicity purposes, nothing has more implied credibility than a good review from a respected publication. When an article promotes your business, traffic to you website increases and sales can happen.

4. Printed articles look so much better than press releases and work so much better in building credibility. When you make a new business presentation, include reprints of your press articles. That’s how you turn PR into money.

5. Do you have your articles framed and mounted on your office walls? Your prospects and clients will be impressed and will be more inclined to work with you even before you open your mouth. Positive publicity builds credibility and sales.

6. Articles posted on the websites of newspapers and magazines that contain links to your website will help your search engine rankings, based on links in.

7. Prospects who see the media links to your sites on search engines will view your company and site more favorably than just about any other type of reference.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER