We have a terrific deal with our press release distribution partner, PR WEB. We can save you 20 percent on any press release you send in December. Plus, we’ll donate 10 percent to charity.


Simply send me your press release by email. I’ll bill your credit card on file, or call you for your credit card number. The release will be distributed within 2 business days after receipt and will go to the normal PR WEB distribution lists. I’ll even send you a link to the reporting statistics so you can see how many people or media outlets have used your press release.


Common Questions:

-There is NO limit to the number of releases you can send by December 23, 2009. No releases will be accepted after that date.


-You can forward this message to your colleagues.


- Any sized business can use this press release offer.


-You (or your PR person) will be listed as the contact person on the press release, so all inquiries will go directly to your company, not to me.


- PR WEB has three levels of service: $80 (Standard Visibility), $140 (Social Media Visibility) and $200 (SEO Visibility). If you are not familiar with PR WEB, use the $80 level.


- If you want to learn more about PR WEB, you can read more at www.prweb.com



 To get started, send me your press release: dan@prleads.com Include your phone number for payment information.


Remember, this offer expires on December 23, 2008.