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6-Figure Coaching Business

Presents… Mark LeBlanc

Dan Janal interviews Mark LeBlanc

Seminar date: February 16. 2006, 2-3 p.m. EST USA

Mark LeBlanc is MY business coach. He is personally responsible for many great things that have helped my business grow and serve YOU better. Come to this session and learn how he built his business!

About Mark LeBlanc

Mark has been a business owner, and entrepreneur virtually his entire adult life. He is The consummate professional, and is committed to providing your people with a memorable, and impactful experience. His down-to-earth, presentation style is warm, engaging, challenging, and entertaining. Your people will laugh as they learn!

He has been a Member of the National Speakers Association, since 1983, and currently serves as the National Vice President. He will serve NSA as President in 2007-2008. In 1997, The Minnesota Speakers Association created The Mark LeBlanc Award for Outstanding Service, and presents this award annually to a deserving member. He has offices in Minneapolis, MN and La Jolla, CA.

He is the author of “Growing Your Business.”

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Mark will share his insights on these questions:


1. What is the focus of your coaching practice?

2. What is the primary benefit your clients receive?

3. How long have you been a coach?

4. Why did you want to be a coach?


5. What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

6. What is the most frustrating part of being a coach?

Starting your business

7. Many people morph into coaching from some other job. What were you before you were a coach?

8. How did this background help you become a good coach?

9. How long were you a coach before you started making a full-time income from coaching?

Marketing your business in the early stages

10. What were some of the biggest mistakes you made when you started your coaching business and how did you overcome them?

11. What marketing mistakes did you make?

12. What were some of the best moves you made regarding marketing?

13. What mistakes did you make in managing (administration) the business?

14. What were some of the best moves you made regarding managing the business

Pricing your services

15. How did you set your fees? Hourly? Project or Value based?

16. How did you come to that decision?

17. How did you justify those prices to clients who are unfamiliar with the prices of coaches?

Growing your business

18. How do you get new business?

19. How do you keep current clients?

20. Do you think you run your business differently than other coaches? If so, how?

21. What roles do advertising, websites, ezines and blogs play in your business, if any?

22. What role does referral marketing play in your business, if any?

23. Do you host seminars or retreats?

24. Is speaking a part of your business growth strategy. If so, please 18. Explain your goals.

19. Is book writing/publishing part of your growth plan? Please explain why it is or isn’’t.

Managing your business

26. How many hours a week do you work?

27. Percentagewise, how much time do you spend on clients/marketing/administration/other business pursuits?

28. Do you have a staff – onsite or virtual?

29. What tasks do they perform?

30. What advice do you have for managing them?

Balancing your life

31. How do you balance your work life and your personal life?

32. Do you have any children living at home?

33. Are you married? Does your spouse play a role in your business?

Final Thoughts

What would you tell a coach who is starting out, on a dark, dreary day when everything looks bleak?

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