1. What is the title of the book?
Getting in the Christmas Spirit: Inspiration for the Holiday Season, By Tian Dayton

2. Who is the intended audience?
This is a gift book that literally has no audience limitations except age. It would appeal to anyone from 9-99 years of age.

The idea was to create an inspiring little present for all of those occasions when you want to give something special, something of high quality and design and something that carries a deep meaning and message without being corny or overly dramatic. A perfectly pitched little gift.

This is the first book of a line of gift books published by my new company Sweet Symbols sweetsymbolsgiftbooks.com.

3. What is the book about?
This is a book of inspiring affirmations, quotes and readings.

The affirmations are written to help, heal and inspire. They are a subtle way to lift the spirits and reaffirm what the holidays are all about, connection, deepening bonds and re-igniting the spirit.

The quotes in this book are time tested truths, they are bits of wisdom that have been selected by millions of hands and minds because they strike a true and helpful chord.

The readings are from all walks of life. Drawn from spiritual literature, books, letters, poems and famous speeches, they capture the imagination and motivate the reader to make the most out of the holidays, the most out of life.

The affirmations are also written to guide the reader through the natural stresses and challenges of the holidays. Christmas is a heightened reality, feelings run high and gatherings can sometimes feel intense or overwhelming. The reader can find identification and solace in the pages of this book. The affirmations, because they are written in the first person, feel as if they are an inner voice, sustaining and nurturing.

4. Why are you the best person to write this book?
For several reasons. I am a psychologist and I deal with people’s dreams, aspirations and problems each and every day and have had three decades of experience in helping them to solve them.

Additionally, I am a best selling author of affirmations having sold over three hundred thousand affirmations books. I have been writing affirmations for twenty years, I use them as a form of self healing, journaling and daily inspiration.

Affirmation writing is a part of my spiritual journey and my emotional healing. I have also written fifteen books so I understand the ins and outs of book writing and publishing…I have made my mistakes elsewhere….I corrected them all here!

5. How is this book different from other books on this topic?
I wrote this book to correct my frustrations with my other books. Publishing with a large company means that I have to live with their choices in format and design. This book, I did on my own. I hired one of the top designers in New York City and asked her to create something truly beautiful, something that looked like a wrapped present.

She is a top designer who has been unusually well educated in her profession and has worked for all of the top New York companies and celebrities. She is also an expert in branding and identifying trends.

To this end she has created an elegant Matisse-like design that is inviting and enlivening.

The interior of the book is elegant and the design supports the message and, in fact, the pace of affirmation reading. It is inviting and lovely to look at. The paper is heavy and shiny.

Unlike a large company, we spared no expense in making it an elegant and tasteful gift that any one would feel proud to give. Lastly, we created a gold foil seal on the cover of each book to give it that fresh from the gift shop feeling.

6. Is there anything else we should know about this book?
You should know that it contains all of my favorite readings, the ones that bring tears to my eyes and make my heart flutter or take my breath away.

The quotes are thoughts to live by. The content that I have created is informed by years of experience, education and research. The design makes it sing.

This series represents the coming to fruition of a long held dream of mine to create gift books that have real substance and beauty.