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– Terri Levine shows you the 20 ways you can make
yourself unique from other life and business coaches,
and how to raise your fees fast in her “Marketing
Strategies to Build Your Business” program;

– David Steele gives you all the tools, techniques and
training for working with couples in his “Relationship
Coaching Home-Study Course;”

– Marcia Weider takes you inside her “My Dream Circle”
private coaching club, where you can access her
teleclasses, tools, and books and experience working
with Dream Coaches from all over the world;

– Suzanne Falter-Barns shows you how to build your
platform and establish valuable contacts with the
media in her “Get Known Now Home Study Course;”

– Susan Harrow shares with you a step-by-step process
of getting on Oprah and other major talk shows in her
“Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah;”

– Ramon Williamson shows you how you can get 100
clients in 100 Days in his brand new just released
guide for coaches;

– Travis Greenlee and Milana Leshinsky give you a
crash course on web sites, multimedia, blogging, and
other web-based tools in their “Extreme Technology
Makeover for Coaches” program;

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You’ll also get copies of four of my e-books:

-Secrets of Successfully Pitching Reporters

-Now that you’ve got PR, what do you do next?

-How to Write ‘How to” Articles

-How to Syndicate your articles all over the

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