Vince Flynn and Andy Sernowitz wrote two page-turners that kept me awake for most of the weekend.

Flynn, author of Act of Treason, the latest in the Mitch Rapp terrorism series, keeps pages turning with non-stop action, intrigue and political back stabbing.

Sernovitz, the CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, kept my mind racing at 100 mph with new ideas and insights on how to grow my businesses by improving the customer experience.

Word of Mouth Marketing on the Internet, Sernowitz contends, is displacing traditional media as the place where people go to find information about products they want to buy, movies they want to watch and companies they want to do business with. Absorb this fact: an estimated 44 million people have posted product reviews online, according to Pew Internet. Companies like Amazon and Netflix get more sales by allowing customers to post reviews. And these reviewers have more trust than the media because, as he points out, people want to listen to “people like us.”

You need to know the tools and rules to build, promote, manage an effective word of mouth environment–and pay strict attention to the ethics of this campaign.

This is an important book that should be required reading to understand the ethics and the tools of Word of Mouth Marketing.

The book reminds me of another classic, “Revenge of Brand X; How to Build a Big Time Brand on the Web or Anywhere Else” by Rob Frankel who shows in clear language how the power of branding has shifted from the media to the masses.

I’ve included links to Amazon in case you want to read what other people like you are saying about these books and in case you want to add them to your library.

Revenge of Brand X

Word of Mouth Marketing

Act of Treason

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