The music world is going goo goo over Lady Gaga. She’s the hottest act out there and there are branding lessons you need to know from her, even if you don’t follow her music.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

She came from nowhere to become a headline act, top album on the charts, performance on American Idol and a meeting with the Queen of England. “I”m a fan,” she told the Queen. If you came from nowhere, you won’t end up nowhere, if you follow some of her blueprints.

How can you get so far, so fast? Here are three lessons learned.

1. Create a great name. She wasn’t born Lady Gaga. She created a name and an image. You can’t change your name, but I’ve seen many people start to use their first names only (if it is unique) or create a nickname or monicker, like “America’s Success Coach.” Be bold, not trite.

2. She has a gimmick. She never wears pants. No, she’s not naked, but she captures your imagination with “what will she wear next?” She pushes the envelope. In some ways, this is exactly what Liberace did with his sequined suits and what Elton John did with is costumes and eyeglasses. She picked up a gimmick that other performers used but added her own unique twist. You don’t need 50 different outfits. But find what makes you unique and show the world.

3. She’s not afraid to toot her own horn. Many professional service providers are afraid to do this. Sometimes its because of professional ethics, sometimes its because they are shy. Do what you can — like send out press releases and court the media – and you’ll probably eclipse everyone else in your field.

Follow these tips and maybe one day you’ll meet the Queen, or at least get a few new clients.

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