Have you ever tried calling yourself to see what happens?

No, this isn’t an existential meandering. It is a customer service rant.

I had to return phone calls to three people and here’s what I heard:

1. A fax beep. Please disconnect your fax machine from your phone line. Nothing is worse than hearing the shrill fax siren in your ear. Okay, maybe a paper cut is worse.

2. Dial the person’s extension. That might be fine IF the person actually left an extension number to dial. If you leave a phone message, leave your extension number. Otherwise you’ll hear the phone directory from hell.

3. “Please enter the person’s first name.” Have you ever had the greeting that lets you ask for the person by their first name? Sounds cool until you realize there are about 37 ways to spell Jennifer. And if your name is Rick, but people know you are Richard, they’ll never find you. Simple solution: leave your extension number or direct dial number. After all, you left a message for them to call you — why are you making it difficult do to so?

3. Long advertisements for your seminars. It is one thing to say your are an author or a speaker, or visit www.mycompany.com. But don’t launch into a 3-minute ad for your seminar. I timed it.
If a reporter can’t get hold of you fast, they won’t try again. Same for your customers.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER
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