I had the pleasure of meeting the Eisenberg brothers (Bryan and Jeff) back in 2001 when they became my clients at PR LEADS. Little did I realize I would benefit more from then, than did from me.

Back then, web marketers were all taking about generating traffic. The equation was “traffic = sales.” The Eisenbergs believed in numbers and wanted to study “conversion rate marketing” instead of traffic. No one else was thinking about this way back then. They might have invented the term.

Many of the concepts the Eisenbergs developed have been chronicled in their best-selling book (#837 on Amazon) Call to Action and their company Future Now Inc http://www.futurenowinc.com/ is helping GE, Price Waterhouse, Overstock.com and many other name brand companies.

But the best example for me was when they introduced me to John Walsh, of Walsh Technology Group, who developed the PR LEADS website by incorporating the design techniques the Eisenbergs pioneered.

I won’t take time here to discuss the terms, techniques and strategies the Eisenbergs and Walsh used since it would take too much time here and is amply described in their new book called Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results.

Instead, I’ll focus on the results.

The PR LEADS website does such a good job of conversion that most people (97 percent) sign up on the website without talking to me first.

That means the first time I talk to most people, I talk to them as customers, not as prospects. I am seen as their teacher and coach focused on helping them be successful, not as a scheming salesman out to take their money. The difference in creating a relationship is huge. And I credit the website for giving me that positioning.

Also, it is amazing how many people volunteer this comment, “I really like your website.” How many times do people volunteer positive comments about your website? This always blows me away, because to my untrained eye, the site looks fine but worthy of unprompted compliments? Wow.

This is a short way of saying I give this book my strongest recommendation. You’ll find information presented easily with real world examples and tactics that you and your web team can implement. If you do, you’re likely to see an increase in your conversions — whether that be sales, capturing names or whatever else you need to track and measure to grow your business online.

Dan Janal
Your Fearless PR LEADER