Internet Marketing Confidential

Internet Marketing Confidential

Riddle me this, Batman, as the Joker said to the thief…

Here’s a book marketing strategy told to me:

1.     When you speak and do your book launch, offer your book for free in eBook format. If you do this, zillions of people will get your book for free. Amazon will wake up and say, “Hey, this book is HOT. Let’s put it on the “Hot New FREE Books” section of our Categorized Book Section so lots of people will see it!

2.     Of course, you can offer your book for free on Kindle for only a few days. So when that date expires, instead of posting the book at the normal price, change the price to a mere 99 cents. That way people who are a bit lazy and came to the site after the free offer expired might say, “Well, it’s only a buck. I’ll buy it for a buck. How bad can it be?” Then Amazon will think, “Gee, this book isn’t free and it is selling like hot cakes. Let’s put it on the Hot New PAID Books” section of the Categorized Book Section.

Sounds pretty clever, eh?

Except it is not.

Here’s why.

1.     You’ve blown all your initial launch goodwill not making money. You’ve given the book away to people who hear you speak and to your true fans on your ezine and blog. Those people are the MOST likely buyers because they know, like and trust you.
2.     You’re selling your book for a buck. I don’t know about you, but I need to sell lots of books at that price to pay the rent.

Of course, the publishing poobahs will offer me two more arguments.

1.     But there’s momentum for your book.
2.     It only takes one volume buyer to make you somewhat rich.

To which I say, “What momentum?

Do you even know how to find books in a category on Amazon?

Have you ever tried looking for a new book by a category instead of by an author or by a title?

I daresay not.

When I tried to do this, I was confounded by different menus and options. Only the heartiest nerd who has to read every book in a category knows how to do this.

Do you?


Make a video showing how to get to the “business ethics” books, post it to YouTube and I’ll give you my book, “Internet Marketing Confidential,” which is a HOT seller in the PAID section of “Business Ethics.”

Yes, I love that “one volume” buyer mystique. I know people who have found that one volume buyer and have gone on a nice vacation.

But that’s the end.

That’s not the beginning.

You’ve blown your launch giving your book away for free.

Where’s the profit in that?

Totally unrelated point, but related: When I priced my “Reporters Are Looking for YOU!” book at $10, I wanted to make it affordable to everyone and a no-brainer for everyone. Yes, I’m a helluva nice guy who believes in win-win.

You know what people said?

“If it’s only $10, it can’t be very good.”

So how much value do you think your high-priced consulting and speaking clients will place in a “free” book that is now on sale for 99 cents?

I rest my case.

Here’s the call to action:

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