BlogWorld Conference 2010: Random Thoughts

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BlogWorld Conference 2010: Random Thoughts

I’m at BlogWorld at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas with about 3,000 other people trying to make sense of this new media.

Here are random thoughts, in no particular order of importance.

1. People of all ages. Mid 20’s to 60’s. I’m a horrible judge of ages since I thought a woman who was in our group for dinner was in her early 20’s but she said she has a daughter about to go to college. Well, I don’t see any teenagers here.
2. Apple is the predominant computer among people typing in sessions. Maybe there are lot of PCs but with their rotten batter life, no one brings them to sessions. Lots of iPhones and iPads. Quite a few Androids.
3. People aren’t checking their email. They are checking Facebook and Twitter via HootSuite, according to my informal survey of looking over people’s shoulders in sessions. At every other conference I’ve attended, people would have been checking email by a landslide. My prediction: Social media is the new email.
4. All different knowledge levels. Darren Rowse’s sessions on the basics of blogging were filled all day long. Content was very basic (also very good). Maybe I know more than I think I do.
5. People are friendly.
6. I’m not a great networker but I found a great tactic. Hang around people who are great networkers. My buddy Warren Whitlock spotted me in the hallway, did a video interview with me, introduced me to one of his friends and by the end of the day, he introduced me to four other people, two of whom videoed me for their blogs. Thanks Warren!
7. I’m glad they called this New Media and Blog World. It really is converging and changing the web. I’m a believer.
8. It’s a small world. I had to run to my room to host a teleseminar with Marcia Reynolds on how she used social media to sell her book on leadership called Wander Woman. At lunch, I sat next to a guy from the recording industry and had a great time, at the end of the chat, he casually mentioned that he was good friends with a speaker in NSA – Marcia Reynolds. You can’t make this stuff up!
9. A zillion people are speaking. At least half of them are women. Quite a few are PR LEADS clients or people I know.
10. Lots more sessions tomorrow on higher level business tactics. Can’t wait.

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