All The Moving Parts: Organizational Change Management
by Billie G. Blair, PhD

Question: Who is this book for?
Answer: The book is written for CEOs, other executives and policy makers (our clients and others interested in management of large corporations/organizations) and focuses on issues of organizational change management.

Q: What is it about?
A: It contains all that a manager needs to know about managing an organization in the rapidly changing business world of the 21st century. And, as an interesting aside, it was suggested that I write the book by one of our clients – we often talk to clients about change management and one client asked what books were available on the topic – when I floundered about a bit and finally came up with Peter Drucker (my old professor) who talked about change a lot and then I mentioned that John Kotter also wrote about change in organizations– but finally had to admit that there were none who talked about the topic that we were dealing with – organizational change management and in the modern terms of the 21st century– he suggested that I seemed like a likely candidate to write that book. I thought about it for a while and decided to take him seriously.

Q: What is different from other books?
A: In the words of a Xerox VP/client (a person who read the book in rough draft), “this book offers a wonderful blend of organizational theory, best management practices, and good citations of the real-life experiences of CEOs and other executives who have undergone organizational change management processes (and lived to tell the story!).”

Q: Why are you the person to write this book?

A: I’ve conducted formal research in the area for many years (in another life, I was a university management professor and college dean). My research has focused on Chaos Theory and the practice of management. Thus, we have collected a lot of data that back up what we tell our clients when we work with them. This book is actually the opportunity to write about that research in “real time,” with the real life examples and case studies of people undergoing these various change aspects in organizations.