Internet Marketing Confidential

Internet Marketing Confidential

Authors Can Save Money By Avoiding Internet Marketing Rip Offs

‘Internet Marketing Confidential’ Book Shows How to Spot the Internet Marketing Scams

MINNEAPOLIS,  May 6, 2013 – Authors can save money if they don’t fall for common scams uncovered in “Internet Marketing Confidential,” a new tell-all book by Internet Marketing expert Dan Janal, which shows the lies, half-truths, misconceptions and downright scams that could plague authors and entrepreneurs.

“Authors want to believe the best in people. Unfortunately, there are webmasters, marketing companies and others who promise more than they deliver,” said Janal, who delivers keynote speeches and training sessions on Internet Marketing and Publicity to companies and associations.

“Internet Marketing Confidential” is available on Amazon in hard copy for $24.95 and eBook formats for $19.95. Released today, it is already in the top 75 books on Amazon Kindle for business ethics.

This web marketing book is written in the humorous, irreverent, easy-to-understand style that readers have come to expect from Janal, who wrote one of the first books ever published about Internet Marketing in 1993.

“This book will open your eyes, set the record straight and give you a new lens in which to make better decisions about navigating your Internet game plan,” wrote Mark LeBlanc, author of “Growing Your Business” and a former president of the National Speakers Association, in the foreword.

Among the tips in the book:

–       Be wary of testimonials and client lists. They could be completely fictitious.

–       Check prices of services and reference works. You could find comparable items for a fraction of the cost.

–       Make sure you get the whole story. For example, Internet marketers make it sound like it is easy to sell books, training courses and consulting services. Success comes after a long, slow, process. “Make sure they tell you what can go wrong and see if you can live with that possibility,” he said.

–       Beware of subtle sales tactics that tap into your subconscious mind to get you to buy without thinking.

“I wish I had read your book before I got taken in by a lot of Internet marketers who masqueraded as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.   Dan Janal has done a superb job of covering all the issues that everyone needs to know and understand about Internet marketing,” said Lydia Ramsey, author of “Manners That Sell.”

“Dan is the real deal calling out the online gurus. Before you spend one more red cent on a program, course, webinar or membership site, read ‘Internet Marketing Confidential.’ It will save you money and your sanity and show you how to work on your business so it has staying power and solvency,” said Nancy Fox, author of “Network Like a Fox.”

“ ‘Internet Marketing Confidential’ is a revealing, no-holds-barred look at online marketing from the inside out. Author and successful marketer, Dan Janal takes you inside a secret world full of hidden agendas, tricks and traps designed to empty your wallet faster than you could ever build an online business,” said Linda M. Lopeke, Chairman & CEO, Lexicorp Services Inc.

“Simply put, ‘Internet Marketing Confidential’ has blown the doors off ALL the dirty little secrets that the scammers don’t want you to know about,” said David Newman, author of “Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition.”

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About Dan Janal

Dan Janal is considered one of the Founding Fathers of Internet Marketing because he wrote one of the first books in the field. USA Today called Dan Janal “a true cyberspace marketing pioneer.” The Los Angeles Times called Dan “an Internet marketing expert.”

He has written six books for John Wiley & Sons and those books have been translated into six languages. He has won numerous reporting awards, including a prestigious Hearst Award, the Pulitzer Prize of college students while at Northwestern University. He earned bachelors and masters degrees from the famed Medill School of Journalism.

Currently, he is president and founder of PRLEADS, a public relations service that helps authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and small businesses get more visibility and credibility so they can sell more products with greater ease. He offers complete done-for-you services as well as providing discounts on publicity tools from major vendors like mailing lists and press release distribution.

He has created eight businesses that have generated six-figure sales using 8 different business models for over two decades in every kind of economic climate.

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