Are You Taking on New Clients?

Have you seen this subject line in an email?

I’m betting you have.

I’ve gotten a dozen messages from colleagues with the same message.

No. It isn’t spam.

It’s from a company called Referral Key

They let you post a profile of your business and identify the types of clients you are looking for. Your clients can rate your services and fees. And anyone in your network can refer work to you.

That’s the theory.

Referral Key

Referral Key

Surprisingly, it works!

I actually received a referral and had a new business call two weeks ago for a client who might want me to write and send a press release for his small business. He emailed me on Friday to say he got approval to do the deal. We’re going to meet tomorrow and do the work.

It’s a nice idea and it certainly puts a new benefit-oriented twist to social networking.


Check it out at