How has the media changed?

Is the media still important?

Yes, It Is – And The Media World Is Changing

Let me show you the new landscape and how to master it.

The media is divided into four kinds of different media now because of power of the Internet and social media:

  • Number one is called “earned” media. This is what we think of when we think of the media. Your face appears on TV. Your name appears in print. A reporter does all the work to produce the content.
  • The second is paid media. This is comprised of advertisements and press releases, which you pay for. They are distributed and published in magazines, in newspapers, on the Web, and on radio and TV.
  • The third kind is original media. You are the content publisher. You post articles, thoughts, and ideas to your blog or website. You share your content with other people. They may publish it on other sites or share it with their social media networks.
  • The fourth is social media. You comment on information posted by others, post your original information to your followers and share content that other people have written that you want your followers to read (i.e. an article in Forbes).

All methods have one thing in common:

More People Learn About You

When you use a combination of those tactics, your visibility increases and you build your brand, which makes it easier for you to get more clients, make more money, and have more influence.

I help turn small businesses into big names so they can stand out from the competition!

How may I help you and your business?

I can help you map out your media strategy.

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