Amber Fry hit the talk shows a few weeks ago and caused quite a stir.

Every show that had her promoted her as the “exclusive” cable showing, or primtime showing or day time showing. Very smart marketing by her handlers.

Was she well coached?

She looked like a deer staring at headlights at many times. She painted herself as victim of Scott Peterson who had to take away precious time from her role as single mom in order to help the police snare Peterson and then testify against him. In all, a good effort that created sympathy for her.

The real star, however, was her lawyer, who was with her in all the interviews I saw. Although I can’t remember her name (bad PR!) she did a brillant job of spinning Amber and promoting the book — and keeping her out of legal hot water.

I’m no fashion consultant, but the lawyer’s frilly garments were a bit off-putting to me. I guess lawyers have to down play their shark-like image and the choice of clothing went a bit too far in the Mary Poppins direction for my tastes.

What’s the next effect?

A month or so later, we don’t see Amber on TV any longer. Her 15 minutes of fame has ended. Her book is not exactly scaling the best-seller charts, although it made a strong debut.

What’s next?

I hear that Scott Peterson’s sister has a book in the wings. Oh boy!