Question: Who is the intended audience?
Answer: Audience Segment 1: Small Business Owners Who Don’t Know How to Get Found on Google

I talk to business owners all the time – mostly local small businesses – and when they hear I’ve written a book, they naturally want to know the title. I tell them AdWords For Dummies, and they look puzzled for a second and then say, “Edwards? John Edwards for Dummies?”

The fact that small business owners don’t even know the name of the advertising program that represents 99% of Google’s profits means they are losing out on customers and sales. Online search – Google in particular – is fast replacing the Yellow Pages as the first place people go to research purchases. Because of the gap between AdWords proficiency and the changing marketplace, these business owners are vulnerable to online traffic generation schemes that either fail to deliver or cost far more than they need to.

Audience Segment 2: Marketing Directors and CEOs of larger companies who can’t figure out how to make AdWords profitable

I’ve had opportunity to review AdWords accounts for several large companies. And boy, were most of them a mess! Companies used to spending tens of thousands to millions of dollars a year in advertising can sure get sloppy about where they throw their money, even in a medium like AdWords where every single ad and keyword can be measured for ROI. Often, the product manager who’s responsible for the account is too embarrassed to draw attention to their AdWords campaigns by making profitable changes.Typically, I can look at an account for 30 seconds and identify 5 ways to save thousands of dollars a month while increasing leads and sales. AdWords For Dummies reveals the exact step-by-step methodology I use to find and plug online profit leaks.

Q: What is the book about?
A: How to Profit from the Online Advertising Revolution
AdWords has changed the rules of business. 10 years ago, if your business wasn’t in the Yellow Pages or advertising on radio or TV or print media, you were out of business. Now, most consumers search Google first when they are looking to buy something – if you aren’t using AdWords, you’re invisible to more and more prospects. If you’re on the web, you need to learn how to play AdWords like a honky-tonk piano in a smoky bar to deliver hungry buyers to your site.

Think about it: where else can you show your ad to the right prospects anywhere in the world and not even pay for the privilege until they visit your website or buy your product?

But – the AdWords learning curve is real, and it can be frustrating, and it can drain your wallet faster than a Disneyland Gift Shop. I wrote AdWords For Dummies to help anyone make money online, even if they’ve been frustrated by the questionable advice of other business gurus. And at 16 and a half bucks on amazon, there’s not much risk here.

Q: Why are you the best person to write this book?
A: I’ve coached over 250 business owners to set up, manage and improve their Google AdWords accounts. I know all the mistakes first-hand, and how to fix them. I’m an educator by trade and training, so you can finally follow the clear and simple step-by-step instructions and get a profitable campaign up and running quickly. I’ve presented at Perry Marshall’s AdWords seminar, Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar, and at conferences and company meetings around the world.

Q: How is this book different from other books on this topic?
A: First, it’s a Dummies book. Those folks at Dummies are absolutely brilliant at editing – I would send them a 10,000 word chapter, and they’d come right back with 15,000 words of constructive feedback on how to make it clearer, simpler, and more visually digestible. With a Dummies book, anyone can have the confidence to master even a complicated topic like AdWords.

Second, it’s the most up-to-date book in print. Currently, it’s the only book about AdWords published in 2007.

Third, it puts AdWords into the content of direct marketing in general. It covers competitive and market research, web sites, email follow-up, testing and tracking of results, and even explores some of the newer advertising media that Google is pioneering.

Fourth, when you buy this book, 9% of the profits go to me.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about this book?
A: Unlike most books, this one includes a free readers-only website, including updates, free and discounted tools and resources, and video tutorials showing you how to accomplish the important AdWords tasks explained in the book.

Also, based on the Amazon reviews, readers enjoy the style and sense of humor that makes the dry concepts easier to swallow.

Finally, AdWords For Dummies is made from trees, which are a renewable resource and hopefully do not feel much pain when cut. No cute furry animals were harmed in the making of this book.