While sitting in the audience at Renee Grant-Williams’ Master Class for Singers in Nashville, I learned a valuable tip about connecting with the audience.

The format was simple: 30 singers would go on stage, one after the other and sing a song. Many brought their families to root them on from the audience.

But two odd things happened.

1. As people were introduced, no one applauded!
2. As people sang, some people talked to their friends in the audience.

I found both incidents to be extremely rude. I found myself immediately disliking the people who were talking –and it affected my view of their performances. “She can sing,” I thought of the person who talked non-stop to her boy friend in the row behind me, “but I just don’t like her.”

Beyond that, I realized two important chipping points for speakers.

1. Support your fellow speakers! Applaud them. Cheer them on.

2. Don’t disrepect speakers by talking during their presentations. You just might just tick off the meeting planner or the person who has the authority to buy more services from you!

With 30 pretty good singers, but only a few spots open for stardom, judges and audiences can afford to be very picky.

Today’s chipping point: Even if you have talent, you can annoy people and they don’t want to do business with you again — no matter how good you are!