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Muhammad Ali was a world-class marketer. Here are the lessons we can learn from his business skills:

1. Blow your own horn. He was not shy. He proclaimed he was “the Greatest.” Are you afraid to point out your accomplishments?

2. Believe in yourself. The first sale is to yourself. Ali truly believed he was “The Greatest.”

3. Create memorable titles and product names. Who can forget the “Thrilla from Manilla” or the “Rumble in the Jungle.” Those are so much more memorable than the 2016 World Championship Boxing Match.

4. Make your branding messages repeatable. “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” Need I say more?

5. Okay, I’ll say more about the butterfly and the bee. He created images and pictures. If you can get your clients to visualize what you do, or the results they will get, then you will succeed.

6. Okay one more thing about the butterfly and the bee. They are doing things: floating and stinging. I don’t think I’ve seen any brand do this kind of imagery and action. It’s very rare

7. Be authentic. He spoke his truth. He paid the price. He suffered the consequences. And he emerged a hero.

8. Sign autographs. His wife told reporters that Ali believed that signing an autograph was a good deed; and that his entry to heaven depended on doing good deeds. He always signed autographs. So when you are achieving your success, remember Ali and do good deeds.
What was your favorite saying from Muhammad Ali?