By Alex Goldfayn

Here are five actions you can take today to improve your marketing immediately:

Alex Goldfayn

  • 1. Call one customer and ask what they love about your product most. Incorporate this into your message.
  • 2. Write one paragraph about your newest product and cite no technical specifications or details. Focus strictly on how this product will improve people’s lives and use emotional language.

  • 3. Call or write one journalist who is important to your PR effort and ask what is important to her and her audience. Find out what she looks for in an ideal pitch

  • 4. Thrill one customer. Send a discount — or, better yet, a free product entirely. Do this for no reason. Then, after a couple weeks, follow up with this person to get his impressions on your product and your company.

  • 5. Read your marketing material. Does it move you? Or are you bored? Adjust accordingly.
  • I could easily make this list 50 or 100 points long. The point is, there’s no shortage of actions you can today to improve your marketing.