Mari Smith

Mari Smith

I had the pleasure of hearing the Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith, forecast the coming trends for this social media giant.

1.     Post content everywhere. You don’t have to worry about “fear of duplication.” The average post is drowned out by other posts in a matter of minutes. Most posts will not reach their intended targets if they are posted only one time. Facebook uses a complex formula of 300 data points to decide which posts to show you. As Guy Kawasaki says, “If you saw my tweets repeated, then you’re online too much!”
2.     Video will be king. Everyone will have 7-second video introductions as part of their profile. Facebook will have more videos than You Tube.

3.     Businesses will amp up their game on Facebook with messenger and lead capture.

4.     Facebook posts should entertain or inform. You’re a success if “you can make them laugh or go ‘awe.” And share the post. Longer material should be in a blog post. Posts with images work 2-3 times better than text only.Mari had a few other tips for getting the most out of Facebook, and I’ll share those ideas next week.

Meanwhile, I’ll add a few tips of my own. In the advertising campaigns I’ve been creating for my clients on Facebook, I’ve found:

–       We can get people to buy fiction after they see an ad. Surprisingly, most people are buying the ebook, not the hard cover book. And the largest group of people buying are men 65 and older, followed by men 55-65. That might be because of the subject of the book – a thriller novel.
–       We can drive highly qualified traffic for subject matter experts. On a campaign that costs only $10 a day, we can get 7-10 new prospects into the funnel. Imagine how many more prospects you’d have in a month! You could have between 200 and 300 new prospects. That should get you thinking!
–       We are increasing signup for webinars. Again, on a budget of $10 a day, we’re getting 7-10 people signing up for webinars. If you imagine the cost of a new prospect is $1 and one out of 100 buy your info product that costs $297, you’d make your money back on one sale. As you can see, I’m sold on the idea of using Facebook ads to make sales, get prospects and build lists. If you want to get more prospects and make more sales, we should talk. Go to for details and see if this is a good fit for you.