One of the journalism blogs I read asked whether search engines were killing the puns and humor from headlines.

You see, back in the day, headline writers tried to hook people in by creating interesting headlines that captured the imagination.

I remember one headline I wrote when I was an intern for a newspaper in Huntington, West Virginia. It was told the story about Hawaiians who wanted to recreate the adventures of their ancestors by canoeing to different islands. My headline was “Polynesian paddlers plan Pacific pilgrimage.”

My chief copy editor was impressed and ran it!

I also remember a real dud about the opening of the ice skating season:

Have an ice day.


So what’s the issue here?

Headlines are now indexed by Google and they are searched by people like you and your prospects. Are they looking for “a nice day” or are they looking for “when does the city ice rink open?”

Chances are, it is the latter. And you need to write your headlines to reflect the keywords that people use.

I’ve studied this extensively with my service that writes, optimizes and distributes press releases. One thing I’ve found is that if you rely on your instinct to use keywords, then you will miss the boat. You must do keyword analysis to find the keywords that your prospects are using. If you don’t, they will never find your website and you will never have them enter your pipeline.

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