How can I get my self-help book for women reviewed in USA TODAY?

Many people want to get publicity for their books into the most widely read newspaper in the US. But few are chosen. I recently saw a front-page interview with a new self-help author so I decided to deconstruct the story to find out the publicity strategy used because I always like to give my book author clients tips on how to get publicity.

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Watson: A smart guy or a publicity stunt?

Watson the computer beat two of Jeopardy's all-time champs. But was it a publicity stunt or was it an honest match? As any arm-chair player of Jeopardy can tell you, there are two essential skills needed to win: 1. knowledge of facts, history, trivia and wordplay. 2. a quick trigger finger. Watson knows the answers. [...]

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20 Entrepreneurs Share How They Get Referrals

For my new book on how to get more leads and referrals, I asked my followers for tips. Here are the answers. If you'd like to suggest your ideas, please click this link and I'll send you a copy of the electronic version of the book -- plus you get great publicity! Click this link [...]

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Do You Make These Press Release Mistakes?

I used to believe that you should do your own publicity. After all, who can tell your story better than you can? Turn out, I was wrong. I’ve spoken to thousands of people in the past year about writing press releases during my speeches at conferences and on teleseminars and webinars. Now I am forced to admit that I was wrong. You can’t write your own press release and you can’t do your own publicity.

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