PR LEADS Results

/PR LEADS Results

PR LEADS Success Story: Debi Silber

  "I just came back from shooting a segment for FOX that’ll be airing on Saturday on the show Good Day Street Talk.  I responded to a PR LEAD and I just wanted to thank you!" Debi Silber, MS, RD, The Mojo Coach®CEO Lifestyle Fitness, You can see her clip at: See how you can [...]

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Tech author gets publicity with PR LEADS

Old friends are the best friends, so when long-time pal Philippa Gamse returned to PR LEADS a few weeks ago, I was delighted. I was doubly delighted when she sent this email of her recent success: “I had not used PR LEADS/ProfNet for a longtime because I was so busy teaching, but I decided to [...]

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Project management consultant gets book contract thanks to PR LEADS

“Thanks to PR LEADS I received a contract with John Wiley & Sons to publish my next book on project management.  One of the daily PR Leads put me in touch with a publisher from Wiley seeking professional authors.  A month or two later, I have a signed contract. Thanks a million!” Tres Roeder Founder [...]

Sales Onboarding Training Author Gets Publicity with PR LEADS Press Release Service

Yes, reporters do read press releases and they do write original articles! Sales onboarding expert and author Lee Salz writes: "A success story from the press release.Thank you!" Read the Hartford original article with Lee Salz, author of numerous sales books: Lee Salz Author: Stop Speaking For Free! The Ultimate Guide to Making [...]

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PR LEADS Success Story: Marjory Wildcraft, organic farmer, information publisher

Marjory WIldcraft Organic gardener  and information publisher Marjory Wildcraft used our media databases to contact her local media about an event she planned. Look at these great results! “Yes, I did get interviews from your list (along with a ton of follow up). Having that contact info sped up the process significantly. It is still [...]

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