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Marketing Helps Defeat the Recession

This month, we had a large number of alumni clients re-start their PR LEADS subscriptions. While we’ve always gotten new clients during this recession, and we always had a few alumni resume, this month clearly showed a great trend. Why? Many reasons, internal and external, with lessons that will help you grow your businesses:

Do Your Clients Know What You Do?

Most entrepreneurs consider it a lucky day when they make a sale. Even better if the client buys a recurring program, like a subscription to a service, like PRLEADS or a coaching program that meets every month. But many entrepreneurs don’t realize they might be leaving money on the table. “Most of your [...]

Teleseminar: Are you sabotaging your publicity program?

Are you sabotaging your publicity program? Many people shoot themselves in their feet when it comes to creating and executing their publicity programs. After 9 years of running PR LEADS and dealing with more than 4,000 people, I’ve seen it happen time and time again for many different reasons. Join me in the 45-minute teleseminar [...]

Teleseminar Replay: Four Simple Steps To Double Website Sales Replay

Did you miss the call I did last night with Rob Goyette? If so, you missed an amazing 60 minute, content-rich session. You can sign up for the replay here: Rob Goyette taught a special teleclass for you called "Four Simple Steps You Can Take To Double Your Website Sales". Rob's an expert with [...]

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Yanik Silver's Underground 3 Seminar Great for Networking, Learning

Yanik Silver just held his third "Underground" Internet Marketing Conference and it was truly one of the best events I've ever attended (and I've been at many, many events as a speaker and as an attendee.)Have you ever gone to a conference and run out of business cards? That's what happened at this conference. I [...]

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Targeted Queries To Save You Time

We get hundreds of leads each day on dozens of topics. But we only send you leads in your specialty to save you time.

PR LEADS helps you:

  Save time
  Save money
  Reduce your stress
  Make getting publicity fun
  And, it's easy to use...
  We'll even train you!

The Easier Way To Get Publicity

PR LEADS has helped more than 4,000 business experts, solo PR firms, and small businesses. And we can help you get the publicity you need to:

  Build credibility
  Create marketing tools for your handouts and websites
  Position you as an expert
  Show why you are better and different from competitors
  Justify raising your rates and fees
  Grow your business
  Help your clients get publicity